The Next Tier Group of Companies holds to a code of conduct and maintains and internal ethos as we conduct our business affairs. 

We strive to maintain an unyielding dedication to the highest professional standards of business conduct, fair dealing within and without the organization, transparency and integrity. 

We are keenly aware of reputational risks and focus every day on ensuring such risks are properly managed.

We know what we know, and know what we don’t know.  We make no pretensions about the latter and continuously try to enhance the former. 



“The best disinfectant is sunlight”.  Clearly spoken by someone that understands the simplicity of transparency and fair dealings. We bring robust experience – and the scars that result – as well as a strong track record of navigating the recurring dynamic tension between confidentiality and privileged information and the need for appropriate transparency and disclosure.


We understand the fiduciary responsibilities that attach to every investment or situation we undertake.  We embrace those responsibilities in all that we do as investors, advisors and managers.


The early identification of potential conflicts of interest is paramount and we bring our experience and professional maturity to bear when encountering these important situations.

Making every effort to avoid inherent conflicts of interest is a well-accepted professional standard.  Nonetheless, conflicts do arise in the normal course; it is our approach to managing these conflicts that distinguishes our best practices in this area.

Integrity in Practice

We continuously strive to adhere to the highest standards of an honest, open and collaborative approach to the transactions we enter into and the positions we advocate for.  We do this with counterparties and partners alike.